Diploma in Government (Investigation) added to scope

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The Diploma of Government (Investigation) – PSP51712 is a specialist qualification that teaches the skills required to coordinate and conduct investigations. With a focus on investigations related to the public sector, the Diploma of Government (Investigation) is a compulsory qualification (AGIS 2011) for anyone working in the government sector wishing to undertake senior investigator roles.

It is an interesting qualification covering a wide range of different investigation techniques as well as teaching the capacity to manage and oversee investigations in this sector.

We offer the following units in a face-to-face workshop of flexible duration (5-8 days). We are able to RPL certain units of competency and teach the remainder face-to-face or teach the entire course face-to-face. As with all PSTS courses, each course will be contextualised to the agency’s legislation, policies and processes.

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